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Basic Obedience



  • 4 private, one-hour classes
  • Trained on 5 Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel)
  • Dog will perform all 5 commands outside, off-leash, & w/ distractions
  • Great option for an involved owner

Save £100

2-Week Board & Train



  • Dog is Boarded for 14 Days w/ Certified Trainer
  • Total of 6 Commands (come, sit, place, heel, down, and down from a distance)
  • Dog will perform commands outside, off-leash and with multiple distractions!
  • Daily photo and video updates
  • HUNDREDS of Before/After Videos
  • Unlimited refresher training sessions for life
  • Guaranteed Results!

Save £500

Basic & Advanced



  • 8 one-hour classes
  • Trained on 5 Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel)
  • 4 Advanced Obedience Commands
  • Great option for an involved owner

Save £150

**Cannot Be Combined With Other Discounts/Specials**

Because our booking calendars can fill up quickly, we have to limit the number of spots we can sell at these prices. If you’d like to enjoy these savings, PLEASE purchase early so you are able to get into our schedule!

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Happy Clients!

Read What Just A Few Of Our THOUSANDS Of Happy Customers Have To Say

Fiona C. | Verified Google Review

“My German Shepherd Dog, who is now 28 months old, has just finished his training with the most amazing trainer called Hannah. My dog has had a rather difficult year and Hannah has given me the best support throughout and now, along with this additional training thanks to Hannah, I have the tools that will give me and my dog a life time of training which will help in all situations. I will strongly recommend this training especially with Hannah as she is extremely professional, very experienced and has such fantastic knowledge with amazing and all round helpful tips that will help with my on going training. I can’t thank Hannah enough for this insightful experience that we have gained from her boarding and training.

Ashley | Verified Google Review

Hannah has completely changed our lives for the better and given us the freedom we always dreamed of having with our Great Dane, Elvis. I was nervous when we first signed up for the training, as we were unsure if we would see results and were conscious the cost was an investment. Similarly, while big, our boy is incredibly sensitive, and we wanted to make sure whatever training method we were using wasn’t going to hurt or scare him. At 70kg, Elvis was pulling on the lead, had almost no recall and would completely ignore us when distractions or other dogs were around, doing whatever he pleased. However, over the 8 weeks of training, Hannah was able to evaluate Elvis’s behaviours and assist us in the correct methods – in the end we left with a beautiful boy who can confidently walk off lead, recalls, listens intently to our commands, can sit and place until released including at a distance and with distraction, heels and is overall a much happier and more confident dog! Elvis loved working with Hannah and was all tail wags and smiles heading to and during every session each weekend. We truly cannot thank her enough for her guidance, deep understanding/ knowledge of dogs and for all the love she has shown Elvis throughout our journey. I would highly recommend her and OLK9 for all dog training needs.

Daniel T. | Verified Google Review

“I booked my German Shepard Judge for the 2-week board and train with Emma.
Judge is a 4-year-old rescue dog and has been with me for 2 years. In this time he had been taught all basic commands but was inconsistent with when he wanted to listen to them.
He was very reactive/aggressive towards other dogs and walking him was a nightmare.
After his 2 weeks of training with Emma he returned a completely different dog the results were amazing, he now listens to every command, walks to heel and I can even socialize him with other dogs which is something I could never have dreamed of!!
This is a life long investment for both you and your dog and will improve your quality of life.
I would highly recommend this if you are having issues with your fur baby!!

Paul B. | Verified Google Review

A BIG thank you to Emma at OFF LEASH. Dudley a European Great Dane went to Emma for a two week training course in Jan/Feb this year. Dudley was an unpredictable dog and very strong willed. Being the size he is other dogs were very weary of him and that would lead to encounters that were not satisfactory. Emma gave us progress reports during Dudley’s time with her, it gave us great reassurance to know Dudley was well and happy, because leaving your dog or any pet is like leaving your child with someone you really don’t know. When we collected Dudley he was of course pleased to see us. Emma then took time to show us training methods she had used and she made sure Dudley responded to us using same, before we took him home. It is now seven months on and we are pleased to say Dudley still behaves himself and it is a pleasure to take him out and about. We cannot thank Emma enough. We would recommend Emma at OFF LEASH LONDON to anyone. We have remained in contact with Emma and are delighted to help and support her. Thanks again Emma. Best to you Paul Amanda Jake and of course DUDLEY”

Julie H. | Verified Facebook Review

“This was the best phone call I have made for my fur baby! After talking to them over the phone, I went with the board and train. I don’t want to be dramatic but…. it changed my life with Boo! She is a role model of a dog, and not the wild child that I had to apologize for! Seriously! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Pamela B. | Verified Facebook Review

“This transformation is absolutely amazing to see! The first time we knew that this was really going to work was when we received an update video around day 4. That was the most beautiful moment. We Finally Found Help….and with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!”

Dezabala | Verified Google Review

Incredible training our naughty Frenchie is now a perfect dog ! Amazing trainer Emma was both friendly and approachable, brilliant communication would highly recommend. Our dog Loki loved her so much we sent him to board whilst on holiday and he loved it he came home sulking ! Thanks again 10/10

Joanne H. | Verified Google Review

“What do you do when you have a 36kg, 18 month old nut case of a Doberman? You take him to Hannah, one of the trainers at Off-Leash K9 Training, London. Really what can I say; after a 2 week board and train course my Dobie really is a completely different dog. Not his loving character, that obviously has remained the same, he still loves his cuddles; but his response to commands and his behaviour are now second to none. So impressive that you see people in the street head turning. We are so proud as a family to walk him down the street and show off his skills. Our trainer Hannah is great. She is so chilled and relaxed, but extremely professional; Hannah gave us regular updates including videos. it really is no wonder that she is able to get the best out of the dogs with her skills. We were so impressed we did a 420 mile round trip twice to get our Dobie the best training.”

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