Guy Fawkes Day: Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety Amidst the Fireworks

Guy Fawkes Day, a celebration filled with dazzling fireworks and lively festivities, is a time of joy for people across the UK. However, for our four-legged friends, this can be a night of stress, anxiety, and potential danger.

As the skies light up to commemorate the historical Gunpowder Plot, the booms and cracks of fireworks are inevitable. While this creates a spectacular view for humans, it can be a completely different experience for dogs. Their acute sense of hearing makes them extremely sensitive to the loud noises of fireworks, leading to stress, anxiety, and erratic behaviour.

Guy Fawkes Day
Guy Fawkes Day

As responsible pet owners, it is crucial to understand the impact of Guy Fawkes Day on our canine companions and take proactive steps to ensure their safety and comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the importance of keeping your dog safe during this festive season, provide practical safety guidelines, and discuss why dogs can be scared of fireworks.


Guy Fawkes Day, with its lively celebrations and loud fireworks, can be highly stressful for dogs. Their heightened senses make the loud noises and bright lights overwhelming, leading to anxiety and fear. In severe cases, dogs may attempt to escape, resulting in potential injury or even loss. Ensuring your dog’s safety during this time is not just about comfort, but it is about safeguarding their wellbeing and preventing any adverse outcomes.

Recognising Stress and Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs exhibit stress and anxiety in various ways, and as pet owners, it is vital to recognise these signs early on. Common indications include excessive barking, trembling, hiding, or trying to escape. Understanding your dog’s behaviour is the first step towards providing the necessary support and protection during Guy Fawkes Day.


Ensuring your dog’s safety requires a proactive approach. Here are some essential guidelines to follow:

1. **Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment**: Provide a secure and calming space for your dog to retreat to. This could be a quiet room, away from the noise and commotion.
2. **Stay Calm and Provide Reassurance**: Dogs often look to their owners for cues. Staying calm and offering gentle reassurance can help mitigate their anxiety.
3. **Distract with Toys and Treats**: Engage your dog with their favourite toys or treats to distract them from the noise outside.
4. **Ensure All Exit Points Are Secure**: Check that all doors, windows, and other potential exit points are securely closed to prevent your dog from escaping.
5. **Avoid Taking Your Dog Outside During Fireworks**: If possible, walk your dog before the festivities begin and keep them indoors when the fireworks are set to go off.
6. **Consider Anti-Anxiety Solutions**: If your dog is prone to severe anxiety, consult with a veterinarian about potential anti-anxiety solutions or calming products.


The loud noises and bright flashes of fireworks are unfamiliar and threatening to dogs, triggering their fight or flight response. Their acute sense of hearing makes these sounds even more intense, leading to a state of panic and fear. Recognising this natural response is crucial in empathising with your dog and providing the support they need.

Guy Fawkes Day

How to Help Your Dog Cope with Fireworks

1. **Desensitisation Training**: Gradually expose your dog to recorded firework sounds at a low volume, gradually increasing the volume over time as they become more comfortable.
2. **Use of Calming Products**: Consider using calming products such as pheromone diffusers or anxiety wraps to help soothe your dog.
3. **Seek Professional Help**: If your dog’s fear of fireworks is severe, it may be beneficial to seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer.

Guy Fawkes Day is a time of celebration, but for our canine companions, it can be a night of distress. Taking proactive steps to ensure their safety, creating a comforting environment, and understanding their fear of fireworks are essential in helping them navigate this challenging time. By following the safety guidelines and coping strategies outlined in this guide, you can help make Guy Fawkes Day a less stressful experience for your furry friend.

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