Why is my adult dog peeing inside the house?

How do you stop your adult dog from peeing inside the house? At Off Leash K9 Training London we are frequently asked this question. Below are five primary reasons your adult dog might be peeing inside the house.

1. Excited Urination: Your dog becomes overly excited and cannot contain himself/herself. A new person entering the house or a family member returning can cause overly excited dogs to urinate on the spot. This can be corrected through obedience training.

2. Submissive Urination: Puppies display submissive urination if they are scolded too harshly or abused. The same is true for older dogs with confidence issues or a history of previous abuse. This can also be aided by obedience training combined with confidence building.

3. Housebreaking/Crate Training: If your dog was never fully housebroken, this is a contributing factor. Your dog was not fully potty trained. If a thorough housebreaking process was not followed, that is not your dogs fault. Go back to the basics of crate training. Read Off Leash K9 Training’s blog on housebreaking your dog HERE!

4. Territorial Marking:  Dogs in their own homes are less likely to display this behaviour. However, once a dog starts marking in the house, it becomes a routine. Get a good odor eliminator to help eliminate the smell to the dog. We recommend going “back to the basics” that is outlined above.

5. Medical Issue: If you have ruled out all of the above options, see a qualified vet. Bladder stones, kidney disease, urinary infections, or diabetes can contribute to peeing inside the house. These issues increase a dogs need to urinate quickly. Check with your veterinarian to rule out a medical concern.

If you have any more questions about obedience training, house breaking, or any other behavioural issues, check out our website at: https://olk9.co.uk/ or send us an email: info@olk9.co.uk.

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