Avoid Group Classes For Dog Training

We are asked about group classes vs private lessons daily at Off Leash K9 Training London.

We are familiar with several dog training styles and believe private lessons are far more effective than group classes or group training. Our founder, Nick White, one said, “I have never seen a dog that impressed me in obedience, that did it through group classes.”

Group classes allure people because they are a lower price point than private lessons. They are cheaper because the trainer charges multiple people for that hour versus one person. Saving money on the classes could impact the effectiveness of the dog training programme.

Group class trainers often have to take a “cookie cutter” approach to the classes, having everyone do the exact same thing. Dogs are similar to people when it comes to learning – at different rates and times. Both dogs and owners need a trainer that can focus on them and not be distracted by other class members.

Secondly, the most “problematic” dog in class gets the most attention. This leaves other dogs and owners shortchanged during the lesson. Learning is diminished by the lack of attention and ability of the trainer to fine tune details.

Next, dogs become highly distracted in group classes (other dogs, noises, people, etc). It is unfair to dogs and not a great way to learn. Imagine showing up for your first guitar lesson and nine other people are there playing, talking and adjusting their guitars while one instructor was trying to teach you. Sounds impossible, right? Welcome to the world of group classes for dog training.

At Off Leash K9 Training London we offer only private lessons. We start with perfecting your dog’s obedience, then phase in distractions. This is much more effective than trying to teach your dog while they are distracted. Master the commands and then add in distractions. If you want to know what our clients say about us, click here.

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