How Do I Get My Dog To Listen Around Distractions?

Your dog will listen around distractions if you follow the proper steps. Most people say their dog behaves brilliantly inside, but a different way outside. At Off Leash K9 Training London we train dogs to behave regardless of the situation. We want your dog listening whether inside or out, on or off the lead. If you attempt to train a dog to be obedient off a lead before starting with lead training, your task is harder.

Training is about a layered approach. Dogs should be highly obedient with commands before introducing distraction work.

Dog Obedience Training London

By the time you finish basic dog training with us, your dog should be good at responding to basic commands when on the lead such as come, place, sit, and heel. The key ingredient is for the dog to respond to basic commands when are distractions present on and off lead. The lead should be on the dog at the beginning, then gradually weaned off. There should be a methodical and clear progression from one command to the other. Consistency is key.

Introduce distractions

The last step is to introduce distractions into the training session. Choose a place with distractions, such as a park, and follow the same outline above. If your dog gets distracted, start back to the earlier training until they have regained focus. Once they have, start reintroducing distractions. Building a solid understanding of basics is essential and helps tremendously with distraction work.

Remember, if your dog isn’t near flawless on a long lead or with distractions, then you shouldn’t even attempt off lead or distracted training.

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