Building Confidence in Dogs

Building confidence in dogs is one of our key principles. Regardless of the dogs age when you welcome them into your home, confidence building should be one of the first things you assess and address. It is one of the most important, yet underrated aspects of dog training. At Off Leash K9 Training London, we incorporate confidence building into every facet of our programmes.

Confidence in dogs is as equally important as confidence in people. People with lower confidence tend to be hesitant and nervous about making decisions. Dogs lacking confidence are exactly the same way. Both humans and dogs display physical markers when they are nervous: tensing up, more fidgety and pacing. The position of a dog’s ears can change, the fur on their backs can rise and they can also start whining or growling.

Expose your dog to as many objects, sounds and different settings as you can. This will help your dog adjust and desensitise them to new things. Dogs who are never socialised around other humans or dogs tend to behave poorly as they age. They have not learned how to properly interact from a younger age and can become fearful due to lack of confidence and socialisation.

The video below is of one of our previous Board and Train clients. Roya was rehomed and was not socialised around other dogs due to her behaviour. She did not have the opportunity to learn around other dogs when she was younger. Her reactivity and aggressive behaviour around other dogs increased as she got older. Her owners stopped taking her in social settings and around other dogs. In reality, Roya lacked confidence and obedience on how to behave. The video shows the before and after of Roya’s learning. It also shows the difference training can make.

Roya’s Before and After Video

Roya is a great example to show the importance of confidence building at a young age. She demonstrates that it is not too late for dogs to learn. Owners are given a customised plan to continue training and how to handle real life situations. The more confidence you can instill in your dog directly correlates to their calmness, happiness and overall quality of life. This makes your life happier and calmer as well. Check out our YouTube page below to see how we transform the lives of dogs!
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