How Do I Keep My Dog From Escaping the Crate?

“How do I keep my dog from escaping the crate?” It is a simple question with a not so simple answer. Many dogs who are escape artists and constantly escaping their crate most likely have some form of separation anxiety.

There are a couple things you can do in order to keep your dog from escaping his or her crate. The first is the quality of the crate. A lot of people purchase the cheaper standard collapsible crates that are widely available at major stores. They do so because they are fairly inexpensive and easy to find. If you have a wire crate our first piece of advice is to try to zip-tie all of the sides of the crate. All four corners each have two zip ties (one at the top and one at the bottom).

If your dog is still escaping the crate, then we recommend you upgrade to a more durable crate. This will essentially prohibit your dog from breaking out or even injuring himself/herself. There are plenty of brands now on the market who provide great crates. We suggest using searches such as “military working dog crates”  or “airport crates.” These are VERY durable, sturdy, rugged, and indestructible cages which make it harder for your dog to escape.

These crates can start around £300, but keep in mind you are purchasing a quality crate that ensures the safety of your dog. These types of crates can last you a lifetime, not the dog a lifetime, but YOU a lifetime. They are typically comprised of solid metal and indestructible. However, if you continue using the cheap £60.00 cages that your dog has been escaping, he is likely causing damage in your house (if they have separation anxiety) or potentially himself, which can quickly add up to more than a good crate. 

If you found that your dog is an escape artist and continues to escape from their crate, try one of these two solutions above! The solution with zip-ties is by far the cheapest solution that works for many dogs; however, if it does not work you should consider making the investment and upgrading.

Finally, exercise is very important for all breeds of dogs. Exercise can drastically help with this issue in many cases. Remember the great saying, “A bored dog is a destructive dog” and “A tired dog is a calm dog.” So, try to ensure your dog is getting plenty of exercise and or mental stimulation whenever possible which can drastically help improve this, as well.

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