Choosing the Right Crate For Your Dog

Choosing the right crate for your dog can seem daunting. So many options! Dogs bring owners such much joy, but decisions on how to choose the right crate for your dog or puppy can be stressful. At Off Leash K9 Training London, we complied some valuable tips to ensure you pick the right crate.

Important Tips

Size Matters

  • Purchasing a crate too big can allow your dog to have too much space and go potty in the crate.
  • Purchasing a crate too small would cause your dog to be uncomfortable (or possibly not fit at all).
  • Research to determine what size is needed for your dog or puppy. Understand that multiple crates might be purchased as the dog grows from a pup to an adult dog. The right fit is key.

Crate Types

  • Multiple crate options exist but we will focus on three popular areas: wire, hard sided or soft sided. Each will have pros and cons, so understanding your dog’s specific needs when deciding.
  • Avoid wire crates for dogs who suffer from anxiety or are escape artists. Wire crates are not very secure and dogs have become trapped between the slates while trying to escape. Wire crates are harder to clean, especially if an accident occurred.
  • Hard sided crates prevent injuries as it is much harder for a dog to get out of the crate. Hard sided crates can be referred to as airport kennels. Several options within hard sided crates exist, but overall this will be the safest option for your dog.
  • Soft sided crates are a better option than wire crates and easier to clean. However, they are still not as secure as hard sided crates.

Price Point

  • Expenses amongst households vary and you know your financial situation best. Safety should be the number one priority, so don’t look for the cheapest crate around. Several excellent options exist and it’s in your best interest to do your research.
  • If you have an old crate that is not being used and doesn’t fit your dog, sell it online and use the money towards a new crate.
  • Varying selection of crates now exist to fit your dog’s needs and your budget. Shop around and shop online.

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