One simple reason professional dog trainers are worth the money: you’ll save thousands of ££

Why a Professional Dog Trainer?

Investing in a professional dog trainer could save you tens of thousands of pounds. Seriously – ask any owner who has paid for an unexpected emergency vet bill (or two).

If you are thinking, how can paying for dog training actually save me money? Isn’t dog training expensive and does it work?  If you are thinking those very thoughts – great, keep reading as this article is for you! Every day, new dog owners welcome home their perfect pup and envision all the wonderful things they will do together such as going on walks, binge watching their favorite Netflix series, and playing fetch.  Owning a dog is very rewarding; however, as the saying goes, it’s not all “puppies and rainbows.”

Dogs are expensive and a dog that is not trained can be very expensive.  We routinely receive calls and texts from people telling us how their dog destroyed furniture in their home, jumped on someone resulting in an injury or an unexpected vet bill because the dog ate something it shouldn’t. Speaking of vet bills, they can seem as expensive as a monthly mortgage or rent payment. It’s worth checking out pet insurance options to find what best suits your needs. Dog training and pet insurance is money well invested.

Can you guess what is an easy fix and is less expensive than paying for any of the above mentioned incidents? Yes, you guessed it: dog training. That’s where we come in and are happy to help!

A well trained dog helps you avoid unfortunate and costly situations. Off Leash K9 Training London teaches your dog how to listen to you both inside and outside the home. From walking your dog nicely on or off lead, to excellent recall or having your dog avoid that seemingly delicious discarded ham sandwich near the park trash bin, we have you covered. We show owners how to properly give the commands to have your dog not jump up on Aunty Sally when she comes over for Sunday roast or knock over your neighbor Roy (even if he is annoying) while out on your nightly stroll.

The cost of training varies from £500 for lessons to £2,300 for more specialized training. If you are curious what our results look like, take a gander at our YouTube page, which highlights the amazing work of our professional dog trainers. We have the best team of dog trainers this side of the Mississippi and we want to share them with you.

If your dog has any aggression or reactivity to other dogs or humans, it’s even more paramount to speak with a professional dog trainer to understand how your dog can be helped. It is crucial to be honest with yourself and with the trainer about your dog’s level of obedience, reactivity or aggression. The trainer’s goal is to help both you and your dog and the best possible way to achieve this quickly is through an honest conversation and assessment.

Off Leash K9 Training London guarantees results and provides owners with the tools to safely manage their dog(s). Our goal is to create the optimal bond between you and your pooch, resulting in a happier life for both of you. We believe dog training is more than just teaching obedience to dogs, it’s about teaching the owner how to communicate with their dog and have their dog listen, regardless of the surroundings. After the formal training ends, the tools learned should be used daily and incorporated into your lifestyle. Dogs love routines and the training becomes part of your daily routine with your dog.

We have helped countless owners achieve goals with their dog they thought were impossible. Are you ready to see what is possible for your dog? Call us today for a free consultation: 020 3890 3400.


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