How to Keep Your Dog Healthy, Happy and Energetic

Many people ask “How can I have a healthy, happy, and energetic dog?” At our dog training lessons in London, we answer this question often. Everyone loves coming home to their dog. Dogs give their unconditional love with you whether you’ve been gone for two minutes or two days. Dog are always there to listen … Read more

Stop Your Dog From Nipping, Play Biting, or Mouthing

Our Puppy Training classes addresses nipping, play biting and mouthing. Malinois, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds and Huskies can be more prone to this behaviour. They are “prey driven or herding dogs – meaning, its in their DNA to want to herd and chase things (squirrels, rabbits, etc). Dogs have natural herding tendencies or like to … Read more

Board and Train or Lessons? How do you decide?

We often are asked, “Is it better for me to do lessons with my dog or the 2-Week Board and Train programmeme?” Our answer: “it depends.” What is most beneficial based on your life, especially with time and availability? When we do lessons in Chiswick, Hampstead Heath or Rickmansworth, the lessons are an hour private … Read more

Avoid Group Classes For Dog Training

We are asked about group classes vs private lessons daily at Off Leash K9 Training London. We are familiar with several dog training styles and believe private lessons are far more effective than group classes or group training. Our founder, Nick White, one said, “I have never seen a dog that impressed me in obedience, … Read more